MSc in Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering Technologies


I have a huge interest in technology, and I’ve been interested in both gadgets and tech my whole life.

An ideal workplace for me would be an innovative company where I would be surrounded by skilled and involved people. The field that interests me the most is web development in combination with the new mobile era of wireless high-speed broadband connections. I'm currently hapiley employed at EC Solutions AB.


Check my consultant CV here: See here


Check my full CV here: Download here (outdated)


Master Thesis Work


During the spring of 2013 me and my classmate did our master thesis work at Verisure Innovations AB in Malmö. They wanted to look into the possibility of sending medical data in their existing sensor network.


The implementation was successful, and it was made with embedded C and Java.


Some keywords for the project:

e-health, internet-of-things, wireless, ubiquitous


See the popular scientifiic article here: Popular Thesis.

See full thesis here: Master Thesis.

During the years at LTH I have been in numerous projects.

Here are some I would like to point out to show my interests.



The [r]evolution towards 4G

Evolvement of Speed in future Mobile Broadband


Enviroment and Gender

Gender at LTH

Den globala uppvärmningen, människans fel?


Programming, security and analysis

Spotify analysis

Software Process Improvement

Secure Webshop

Finns det oetisk design?

MegaLoad (Program made to download files from eachother on same network, for instructions: Report)